Become a pioneer

If you love Grenoble, whether as a native or a visitor, and if you would like to improve its profile by promoting it and making it more attractive: become a pioneer!

Like our region, the Pioneers Club is open to everyone. All you need to do is fill in the form and sign the charter that follows it.

Pioneers promise to

  • Promote the territory, enhance its reputation and encourage everyone who is interested in experiencing its tourism, economic or day-to-day assets.
  • Communicate about the Grenoble territory and what it represents in a positive and respectful way.
  • Spread accurate and relevant information through individual and collective activities and on social media.
  • Allow the use and distribution of images that promote the region in France and abroad in all formats and tools (including online) and throughout all processes (except commercial).
  • Refrain from distributing information about other members of the network for commercial or other means without their knowledge.
  • Agree to receiving invitations and information necessary to sustain the network.


  • The usage of the “Pionnier Grenoble Alpes” logo
  • A VIP professional network
  • Invitations to the network’s events
  • An infographic on territory assets

Register !

To become a pioneer and download the elements of the toolbox, please fill in the following form.

Grenoble Alpes processes the data to provide promotion tools for the territory, to animate the community and, if you agree, to send you information about the events (invitation, news...). Learn more about the management of data and about your rights.