A common inititiative

With the launch of an initiative aiming at boosting the Region’s attractiveness for everyone's benefit and responsibility, Grenoble Alpes Metropole has generated a collective and collaborative momentum.

One governance, One common brand, One identity

As early as the summer of 2018, a group of some twenty volunteers have devised specific lines of actions and defined what kind of governance was needed to move on to the next step of this initiative: become an attractive location . An ad’hoc brand platform was developed to translate our brand positionning into words and images.

December 18th was Kick Off Day at la Belle Electrique in Grenoble, our shared governance was set up, and the brand ID introduced  + 250 partners. Christophe Ferrari, President of Grenoble-Alpes Métropole, appointed Jacques Reboh, President of the Grenoble Top league Ice Hockey team “les Bruleurs de Loups”, as Leader for this initiative.

What’s next?

Under Jacques Reboh's chairmanship, all stakeholders will work together and mark out the initiative governance, as a not for profit organization.

At the same time, four thematic groups have been set up on key priority work areas, in order to design the attractiveness program over 2 years: