Shared positioning

Bringing the pioneer spirit to life

Grenoble and the area around are closely connected to the surrounding mountains.

The Alps have shaped our character, blending modesty with perseverance and, awe with creativity. This unique environment has given each of us a pioneer spirit that underpins the values we uphold today: progress, well-being, courage and openness.

The Grenoble Alpes brand affirms our commitment and symbolizes our unique characteristics.


Grenoble, a cradle of social and technological innovation

Today, Grenoble is reputed as a world-class technology city because it has always sought to create the world of the future. A better world, one that is always in step with changes in society.


Man and Nature in harmony

More than ever, our well-being is linked to the health of our environment. We realize how fortunate we are our daily lives to enjoy both the city and the mountains. That is why we have always worked to make sure our Alpine and urban environments co-exist in sustainable harmony.


Living in mountains environment helps us reach for greater heights

The Alps have also given us a taste for exertion, a love of risk and thrill it provides and the same sense of solidarity as in a team of climbers. We constantly seek new challenges and achievements, we reject the status quo and work together to always go that extra mile.


Olympians for ever

The Olympic Games, and the values of sharing, openness and tolerance they represent, have left an indelible impression on people's minds here. Grenoble is people-centred, an ambitious city and has always proveds it by continually attracting new talents from all over the world.