Our territory

A unique landscape, a shared opprtunity

We in Grenoble, are lucky: not only do we live in the heart of the Alps, but also at a crossroads in Europe, a few hours away from Paris in one direction and from the Mediterranean in the other, as well as a stone’s throw away from Italy, Switzerland and Lyon.

This fortunate location offers us an exceptional way of life, with a constantly vibrant culture and first-class economic opportunities.

These assets have always made our region attractive and helped build its reputation in France and abroad.

Grenoble Alpes, looking further ahead for a better life together

Between the Chartreuse, Vercors, Belledonne and Taillefer mountains, Grenoble Alpes boasts an unrivaled living environment. The region's natural parks boast an exceptional ecological and landscape richness, visible and easily accessible from the heart of the city. Here, the wide open spaces are within reach: you are just a few minutes away from the heart of the wild.


Grenoble Alpes, looking further ahead to constantly innovate 

For 150 years, Grenoble's operators have invented a unique innovation model based on the close links between universities, companies, laboratories and local governments. With its high-performance industrialists, internationally renowned research laboratories and recognized higher education institutions, the "Grenoble ecosystem" has all the assets it needs to meet the challenges of global innovation.