Grenoble Alpes, looking further ahead for a better life together

Between the Chartreuse, Vercors, Belledonne and Taillefer mountains, Grenoble Alpes boasts an unrivaled living environment. The region's natural parks boast an exceptional ecological and landscape richness, visible and easily accessible from the heart of the city. Here, the wide open spaces are within reach: you are just a few minutes away from the heart of the wild. Here, well-being and urban development are designed to foster harmony with nature. Soft mobility, renewable energies, air quality... the territory's players are moving forward together to ensure the sustainable co-existence of the alpine and urban environments.

A sustainable territory

In Grenoble, the future is being invented on a daily basis. Energy transition, peaceful urban planning, urban nature, eco-mobility, air quality, health, agriculture and short routes... The Grenoble region is multiplying initiatives in favor of good living. This is a resilient territory enjoying the wealth of its mountains and rivers, which is constantly being invented and transformed to adapt to future changes: a softer mobility, more respectful of the environment and keen on reducing the impact of urbanization on the environment while protecting biodiversity, as well as natural and agricultural spaces. Grenoble, the flattest city in France, is number one in terms of commuting by bicycle or on foot (INSEE) and 90% of the waste collected in the metropolis is recovered. Here, 80% of the drinking water is also distributed without any treatment, and half of the buses run on city natural gas.

A passion for sports

Grenoble is the land of skiing, hiking, trail and mountain biking, but also of team sports, and a vibrant place for its hockey, rugby, football and handball teams, both women's and men's. Thanks to its cliffs and paths, lakes and torrents, the region offers a thousand possibilities to exercise: climbing, paragliding, rowing... all less than half an hour from Grenoble. Monteynard, one of the windiest lakes in Europe is a paradise for windsurfing and kite surfing. With 25% of the inhabitants licensed in sports clubs, the Grenoble metropolis is the most sports-loving city in France.

Culture & Co

Between the Drac and Isère rivers, the Dauphiné  capital looks like a mosaic, intertwining and juxtaposing the traces of all periods, from Antiquity to the present day. Grenoble's history and heritage have been shaped over time by illustrious figures such as Bayard, Mandrin, Lesdiguières, Stendhal, Champollion, Berlioz, Bergès, to name a few... Labelled a city of Art and History in 2017, Grenoble is also a remarkable 20th century architectural heritage: galleries and museums, theatres, festivals... this is a culture that vibrates to the beat of its time – for all styles, all ages and all tastes! The Musée de Grenoble offers the 2nd collection of modern French art and displays 115 frescoes that illuminate the walls of the city.

A gourmet region

Gastronomy is also an integral part of our capital. Grenoble walnuts, Vercors blue cheese, Royans ravioli, Matheysine murçon, gratin dauphinois... The best local cuisine tables are ready to awaken your senses and taste buds, in abundance !

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