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- An area of innovation and scientific excellence: Grenoble GIANT Technological Innovation Campus (10,000 reserachers, 10,000 students, major research facilities)
- Major international accounts: ST Microelectronics, Schneider Electric, Biomérieux, Air Liquide, GEG, Siemens, Corys, Xenocs
- Resilient land development solutions and new inhabiting modes (autonomous buildings, shared utilities, ...)
- Direct access from Lyon: A480, Gare de Grenoble station, Saint-Exupéry shuttle
- Mobility hub: 3 tram lines, chronobike, cable metro (commissioning 2023)
- Culture and leisure hub: Belle Electrique, CNAC, bank of the Isère and Drac Divers

1. Hyparc
Backed by the Air Liquide Advanced Technologies technological hub, this business area provides a real estate proposition dedicated to innovative technological activities. 1,500 m² are currently under construction for the development of the aeronautical sectors of this major account.
2020/ 9000m² of immediately available land

2. Porte du Vercors
This 60-hectare resilient development project provides for the construction of 550 housing units around a leisure and cinema centre backed by a multimodal hub. It will house the terminus of Grenoble's new urban cable car: a new 3.7 km link between the Presqu'île district and the Saint Martin le Vinoux town hall, freeing it from the natural and artificial obstacles posed by the two rivers Drac and Isère, the two A480 and RN481 roads, and a railway line.
Q4 2020/ launch of the consultation on the leisure and cinema cluster.

3. Presqu'île Bouchayer Viallet
Over 265 ha, Presqu'île Bouchayer Viallet accomodates more than 10,000 inhabitants. A place to live and an economic hub, this cluster is home to ST Microelectronics, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Crédit Agricole, Caisse d'Epargne, Biomérieux, Xenocs and Corys. Since 2011, 1,336,600 sq.m of commercial real estate have been built and 3,4700 sq.m are currently being marketed.
Tertiary real estate opportunities 2020-2025 / 5500 m² SP sector Mandela, 2600 m² SP sector Oxford, 22500m SP Bouchayer Viallet district 2030 Land-development potential / an estimated 123,000 m² SDP area available in the long run

4. Sagnes
The Sagnes district is in direct continuation of the Oxford Park, where the EDF (French electric power supplier) hydraulic hub and the ECONOCOM company are installed. It is made up of a mixed urban fabric (habitat, shared gardens, workshop) and aspires to develop productive, technological and service activities avalaible to firms, over a 40,000 m² floor area.
2023/ Consultation for a productive activity hotel.

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