Tertiary and technological campuses

Territory of excellence in health, digital and AI

- Major international accounts: Orange Labs, Roche, Rolls Royce, Naver Labs, Johnson & Johnson
- Multidisciplinary Institute in Artificial Intelligence Grenoble Alpes: 3AI Institute specialized in the AI of the future and AI for humans and the environment.
- CHU Grenoble Alpes: 1st trauma center in France
- 44600 jobs including 1000 in hospitals
- 36,000 students, including 755 top-level athletes in 40 disciplines
- 108 ha of urban parks and natural areas
- Hubs for culture and events: Alpine Stadium, Sports Palace, France (national art and science scene)
- 3 multimodal poles

1. Health Technolohy Campus
Close to the Grenoble Alpes University Hospital and the main research centers, the Metropolis aims to develop a health district of national and international renown. This sector will offer a real estate and service offer dedicated to hosting Medtech and Biotech companies, the flagship of the Grenoble economic bassin.
2020/ Consultation CRESI business hotel - 2,700 m² (2,700 sq.m)
2021/ Resilient urban renewal plan
8 ha of reclaimed industrial land

2. Inovallée
As France's leading technology centre, this economic area is home to 350 companies and 1,200 jobs, including 900 researchers, mainly in the field of new technologies. Studies are Under way to increase the density of the technology park's 110 hectares.

3. The Glairons
Located close to the university campus, the Glairons area has mixed activities (construction, shops, IT, ...). Already home to the new departmental archives, it is undergoing a requalification operation, which will allow the installation of new tertiary and productive activities across 1.6 hectares.

Arteparc Meylan

CHU Grenoble Alpes